Performance Ignition Products:

Omni - Pak

An ignition system's capability is based on the coil and electronics working together as a team! By packaging the coil and ignition in one sealed housing, Jacobs has engineered a computer matched combination of a complete electronic computer ignition, then selected a specially constructed Ultra Coil designed to optimally resonate with that particular electronic ignition circuit. This combination is housed in a fully water- and shock-proof electric blue high-tech housing. (Product Specification Provides high spark energy for up to 6800 rpm)

Guaranteed Results:
  • Noticeable increase in engine performance for street, competition, RV and off-road.
  • Increased mileage (Jacobs averages 14.6%)
  • Elimination of bogs, hesitation and surges.
  • Reduced plug fouling during starting, highway speeds, and acceleration.
  • Increased torque for RVs and trucks for hill climbing passing & towing.
  • Delivers IMPRESSIVE INCREASES in responsive performance acceleration.

Jacobs Energy Core wires

Jacobs wires are especially good in high heat environments, such as those found in RV's, Motor Homes, Duallies, Sport trucks, and SUV's. Standard wires have pure silicone boots. Ceramic 2000 wires have ceramic boots for the ultimate in heat protection.

Only Jacobs offers:
  • Metal core with <250 ohms per foot (lowest of any wire available)
  • Significantly reduces radio noise
  • Teflon coating
  • Pure silicon insulation (boots)
  • Jacobs unique boot vulcanization.

Jacobs' Coils

What makes Jacob's coils superior? The "Variable Magnetic Core" By automatically regulating spark intensity, Jacobs coils automatically intensify the spark by increasing current flow in limes of high demand, such as cold starts, fooled plugs, larger hp demand and higher rpm. Conversely Jacobs' coils return to normal current flow in periods of low demand such as light cruising. This procedure avoids a too-hot spark which may cause engine damaging, mileage-reducing knocks. The correct voltage to the plug, however is nearly constant over the entire RPM range of most engines, causing your engine to function more efficiently than with any other OEM or aftermarket coil. And each Jacobs coil functions with either 6 or 12 volt systems. ALL JACOBS COILS PLUG DIRECTLY INTO YOUR IGNITION SYSTEM-NO CUTTING WIRES!

Jacobs' Energy Pak

Energy Pak comes in four basic models, all smog legal: (1)Mileage Master, (2) Pro-Street, (3) Profit and (4) Marine Master NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH OEM/FACTORY COMPUTERS OR SIMPLE ADD-ON HOT SPARK OR MULTI-SPARK IGNITIONS

  • Road tested at up to 7% more power and low end torque
  • Increased gas mileage - (Jacobs' average is 16.7%)
  • Reduce quarter-mile ET by as much as five tenths
  • Four times the mileage between tune-ups
  • Clean up fouled sparkplugs and prevention of future fouling
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Reduced cranking time
  • Noticeable improvement in vehicle performance
  • 37% increase in engine life
  • Reduced sparkplug electrode wear

Energy Pak Always Eliminates:
All misfires, Poor MPG, Erratic idle, Sluggishness, High end miss, Hard starts cold, Low end miss, Surging, Plug fouling, Pinging, Weak low end torque, Bucking off idle…

(The Automobile Council on Ignitions, after evaluating all factory and aftermarket ignitions concluded, "The Energy Pak system from Jacobs Electronics, Inc. gave consistently higher engine output and efficiency than the other systems tested.")


Regardless of battery condition 9.5 17.5 volts output is stepped up to a solid constant 14 volts (ACCUVOLT 14V) or 16 volts (ACCUVOLT 16V) delivers up to 50 amps continuous; takes bursts to 70 amps. Connect any regular 12 volt battery to its input then power the vehicles entire electric system (excluding starter motor) or just the full line of audio and/or equipment to ACCUVOLT's smooth consistent output.

• On/Off switch (when off, output voltage about equals input battery voltage)
  • Annunciator-compatible. If battery is failing, or unit/wiring too hot, Annunciator turns from Green LED to flashing Red/Green.
  • Remote sensing capability. For situations to ensure one particular device, say, throttle stop for racers, or power amp for audiophiles, always has the exact voltage regardless of line loss.
  • Save considerably off a 16 volt battery charger system and have the flexibility of using regular 12V batteries commonly available 24-hours a day at any auto parts store.

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