California Legal Headers

In the mid 1970's with the newly instated "smog" laws in CA, many thought it was the end of performance accessories and the aftermarket. Through the hard work and innovation of many people and companies, "emissions compatible headers" have evolved into California Legal and 50 State Legal headers.

Executive Order
These parts have an Executive Order from the CA air resources Board, making them 50 State Legal.

Legal Performance
It has been found that these legal headers don't preclude performance, but actually enhance it, also disconnecting pollution control devices is not only illegal, but will adversely affect the performance of the vehicle. With computers controlling the engine through a network of sensors, all sensors must be attached and functioning in their original factory location in order for the vehicle to operate properly.

Smog stripped Vehicles
We've had customers come into our shop with a vehicle that has been "tampered with". To be specific one vehicle was a Chevy Crew Cab Dually, with a 454, Catalytic equipped, w / O2 Sensors; all having been removed at some other shop. Drivability was almost nonexistent (the vehicle was getting 3 MPG), about all you could say for the vehicle was that (with the throttle wide-open driving on the freeway or driving over 200 MPH - HA HA don't try this at home...) it could utilize all fuel pumping into the engine.

Restored Performance
We reinstalled the sensors properly, installed a high - flow catalytic, and a Cat - Back system w / dual tailpipes. Drivability returned due to the sensor network working and the vehicle gained 2 MPG over the original while still having a "cool" sound. [All this was completely LEGAL!]

Never, Never
Never disconnect any emissions systems, not only is it against the law, but there are no grounds for any performance gains.

CA Legal Products
We carry DynoMax, Hooker Headers, JBA Headers, Thorley Headers, and other emission compatible "Legal" products.

Remember, not all products by all manufacturers are legal, you must look for the executive order number exempting a particular part for a specific year, make, and model.

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